Florideah Swampfest by Kirby Crumpler


Recently I got the opportunity to go to the third Florideah Swampfest which was held at Central Florida Motorsports Park in Astatula, Florida. Just saying that the trip and event was awesome would be an understatement. The trip consisted of 14 hour car trips, insane bmx contests, a crap ton of fireworks, giant fires and more insanity.

For me, the trip to Swampfest started around 8 p.m. where I drove to Houston and met up with some other bmx riders Jeff, Curly and Jeff’s girlfriend Kat. We then hit the road around 11 p.m. and headed towards our first stop on the long road trip to Astatula, Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a famous street spot.

It was around 4 a.m. by the time that we got to the spot, but the timing ended up working in our favor. There wasn’t anybody except for one drunk guy looking for a ATM out on the streets, so we had free range of the spot. I can’t really remember how long we were there, but it was long enough for Curly and Jeff to get a couple of good runs on the wall before heading out to our next stop.

That next stop wasn’t a long one either. It was at a pretty sick skatepark in a town I had never heard of until we got there called Milton, Florida. The park isn’t the biggest, however, it does have a fun little snake run and a dream-like bowl that Jeff and Curly took full advantage of. After that, it was straight to Swampfest so that the real fun could begin.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get there until fairly late in the day, so there wasn’t enough time to get in a lot of riding, which meant it was time to set up camp and then enjoy the nighttime Swampfest festivities and get to it the next day.

Since this was my first time at swampfest, I was actually pretty surprised by how much there was to do there even if you weren’t getting in any riding time, like me. There were some amazing dirt jumps that made for some awesome viewing. I probably could’ve just watched the guys riding those jumps all weekend and not get bored. However, that’s not how it works at swampfest and those jumps were just the beginning.

There is several competitions/challenges for people to enter in and have a good time doing it (if they dare). This year they had made a street course, an obstacle course, a coffin jump, chasm jump, the famous Subrosa Swamp Rail, a loop, a vortex, and of course the trails.

After a while I stopped trying to take photos and just enjoyed the rest of the craziness that is Swampfest. There was so much happening that it’s impossible to fit everything I want to say in a short blog post or some video on youtube. If you want to really know what it’s like to go to the craziest BMX event, you have to experience it.


A BMX Winter Break by Kirby Crumpler

This year I got to have a nice long winter break, so I got to spend a lot of time in my hometown of Houston. Which meant plenty of time to eat as many sweets as I wanted. However, I was somehow able to put down the grandma cookies long enough to go ride my bike with some good friends and capture a few photos in the process.