Photos by Kirby Crumpler

Currently I am attending Texas State University, working towards a degree in Mass Communication. I am originally from Houston, Texas but have made a home in San Marcos where I actively work for the Texas State Athletics Department as a photographer.

I believe that growing up in the uniquely-blended culture of Houston has taught me as a photographer to think outside of the box and to look beyond the frame. I’ve been practicing photography for over 5 years and pride myself in my ability to photograph the world a little differently than the average iPhone-grapher.

Since I started taking photographs, I’ve worked for university papers such as The Daily Toreador and the University Star, the Texas State athletic program, as well as action sport companies. I have received the awards of Top Sport Photo in Texas and Runner-Up for Best Sports Photo in the Nation. While my passion has gravitated towards extreme sports and events of the competitive nature, I still enjoy photographing portraits as well as concerts/events.

If you would like to hire me or contact me for any collaboration, please contact me using the info below.


Contact Info

Email: kirbycrumplerphoto@gmail.com                                                                                                                                  Phone: 281-536-2121